Creston Cherry Orchard

Discover the finest cherries and a variety of fruits from Cherrybrook Orchards in Creston, BC. Our orchards thrive in the rich soil of the Creston Valley and the scenic Kootenay Region, ensuring the best quality produce.

Providing the finest fruit that the Creston Valley and Kootenay Region have to offer

Our Location

Our orchards is strategically located in the Creston Valley to ensure maximum fruit yields year-round. The unique climate of this area, with it’s warm days and cool nights, are ideal for producing cherries that are crisp, firm, and full of flavor. These optimal growing conditions help us cultivate cherries with high sugar content and an extended shelf life.

Cherrybrook's Commitment to Quality

Each of Cherrybrook's orchards is meticulously maintained and chosen for their prime growing conditions. We regularly test our soil and ensure our water is pristine. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our CanadaGAP certification, which guarantees that our orchards adhere to the highest standards of agricultural practices.


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Our Fruit Variety

While we specialize in cherries, we also cultivate an array of other delectable fruits including pears, apples, plums, nectarines, peaches, berries, and more. Although our cherries reach markets worldwide, our other fruits are available domestically and can be purchased at local stores or the popular Oliver Supermarket.

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